About Us

SHREEM PUBLICATION & PRODUCTION is a dynamic and forward-thinking publishing company dedicated to delivering high-quality educational materials for the IGCSE and IB Boards. With a strong focus on English language skills, our published materials cater to a wide range of academic requirements.


Our Offerings:

Listening Books: Our listening materials are designed to enhance auditory comprehension and language development. They provide an essential tool for students looking to sharpen their listening skills, an integral part of language acquisition.


Reading & Writing Books: We offer comprehensive reading and writing materials to cultivate proficiency in these crucial language arts. Our books are tailored to encourage critical thinking and effective written communication.


Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking Books: These all-encompassing resources cover the full spectrum of language skills. They enable students to master listening, speaking, reading, and writing, providing a well-rounded foundation for academic excellence.



Educational Excellence: We are committed to producing top-tier educational materials that empower students to excel academically and linguistically.


Curriculum Alignment: Our books are meticulously aligned with IGCSE and IB curricula to ensure that they meet the specific needs of these educational programs.


Dedicated Team: Our team is composed of experienced educators and experts who are passionate about fostering language proficiency and academic success.


Our Mission:

SHREEM PUBLICATION & PRODUCTION's mission is to support and inspire the learning journey of students preparing for IGCSE and IB examinations. We aim to equip them with the language skills and academic knowledge they need to excel in a globalized world.


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Explore our range of educational materials and embark on your path to academic achievement with SHREEM PUBLICATION & PRODUCTION. We are committed to providing the tools for language proficiency and educational excellence. Join us in our mission to prepare students for a successful future.